About Us

Do you wish you knew how to needlepoint, but have been so overwhelmed by the prospect of all that thread that must be plunged through all those little holes that you haven’t had the courage to try? Perhaps you are a beginner who may be less overwhelmed yet you still lack confidence that you are doing the stitches correctly. You may be experienced in the art of needlepointing but would like to have a little guidance or a suggestion or two to turn a project into a masterpiece.

Well, listen up, one and all! A store has opened catering to the needs of the needlepointer of every level of talent and experience. Key Stitches is the place for everyone. Key Stitches is easy to access from almost any part of Dallas. You will find the store nestled in the northwest corner of Mockingbird and Abrams. The store is open various hours Tuesday through Saturday.

Key Stitches opened under the joint ownership of Julia Key H. Snyder and her mother, Patsye Boedeker Hardin, well-known in the stitching community for some thirty plus years. Julia, Patsye, and other talented staff will not only happily help put your talents to their best use, but your mood and confidence level will also get a lift.

“We set up the store with the idea that we could teach and encourage people to stitch, enjoy it, and have a good time while they do it,” remarked Patsye B. Hardin while discussing Key Stitches with a visitor. “We want to create happy stitchers. We want to help people learn new, fun things to do in needlepointing.”

It’s apparent that the store is accomplishing its owners’ objectives. Visit and you will receive caring assistance in selecting materials, free help and suggestions for your precious projects, and an appreciation of your ideas and talents.

The infinite help would ordinarily be enough, but you’ll be the beneficiary of the wit and wisdom of the owners and the staff about stitchery to be sure, but about life in general, too. Even at the most taxing point of your needlepoint project or on your glummest day, you’ll find yourself grinning and laughing in a matter of minutes.

Key Stitches is bright, airy, and chock-full of all the goodies and ideas that your eyes, hands, and heart can accommodate. For the free-lancer, you can get as much or as little unpainted canvas as needed from the many bolts of plain canvas in an array of colors and sizes, silk gauze included. You can also select from an awesome selection of in-stock, hand-painted canvases to make into pillows, stand ups, and pictorial scenes. There are designs, as well, for vests, shoes, belts, glass cases, bags, checkbooks, cumberbunds, fanny packs, bell pulls, growth charts, and rugs. You can even see needlepoint stitched on copper screen, an exclusive of Key Stitches. Once projects are complete, Key Stitches offers a variety of exquisite, professional finishing services.

Seasonal themes abound for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Easter. If you are into “Santas” or “Angels,” you’ll find the “Santa of the Month” and “Angel of the Month” series particularly appealing.

Key Stitches carries gorgeous yarns: Medici, Paternayan, Persian, Appleton, Elsa tapestry, Rainbow threads, and Balger metallics. There is also a wide selection of silk and many other threads. We are always searching for the newest and best threads.

The store also has a variety of stitching accessories and equipment. Current stock rotates frequently. Inventory sells quickly, and the replacement stock brings a new variety. Additionally, Key Stitches hosts trunk shows by different designers on a regular basis. Special orders are always welcome.

Key Stitches offers formal needlepoint classes on weekday evenings. The classes, approximately two hours in length, are provided at a cost of $55 and up. They are well worth the price. We also offer a personal stitch guide service which contains thread list, all the recommended stitches, and charts. The cost varies depending upon the piece. The charge for this service begins at $25.

Oh, yes, the laughter is free!